Grain based (Flour Milling) Food Safety Management

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Flour milling is an art of grain cleaning, processing, grading, blending and distribution. The Harvest, transport, storage and handling equipment also represents sources of potential microbiological contamination. These contaminations can be removed through a complex milling process. Flour milling at commercial and household/farm level operating to produce different types of flour requirements. The final processing may take place through additional industrial processing, including bakery mix manufacturing or final preparation of mixes or ingredients in a restaurant or at home. These preliminary observations and data indicate that flour microbial contamination is indeed associated primarily with surface contamination of the wheat kernel. Flour milling industry can play an important role in production of fortified flour, which is considered as number 1 source of overcoming micronutrient deficiency in the people’s diet

Course Content

Module - 1: Overview of Grain Sector and Industry
Module - 2: Flour Mill Processes and Performance
Module - 3: Flour Milling Management (Product handling, fortification, Storage, and Distribution)