Meat Food Safety Management

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According to the Economic Survey of Pakistan for fiscal year 2020, livestock contributes around 60% to the total agriculture sector, 11.7% to total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 3.1% to Pakistan’s exports. Pakistan is clearly a large meat producer, it only ranks 18th in world meat exports, and only serves 3% of the global market. According to the data obtained by the Ministry of National Food Security and Research, the total volume of meat production in Pakistan during the fiscal year 2019-20 was 4,708 tonnes of which, 2303 tonnes of beef, 748 tonnes of mutton and 1657 tonnes of poultry meat were produced. Pakistan meat industry scenario, production trend, global trade as well as future potential with respect to modernization, processing, distribution, traceability and trade.

Course Content

Module - 1: Pakistan Meat Sector Food Safety
Module - 2: Meat hygiene, processing, marketing, branding, and Traceability
Module - 3: The meat grading system for local and export markets