Module Assessment # 1

Training Topic Food Safety and Quality Awareness
Total Marks;  10
Pass Marks: 05
  1. Purpose:

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance the understanding of the participants regarding; 

Ensuring effective Food Safety Practices that comply with certain written Food Safety Procedures in place and to minimize the risk of Food Safety. 

Situation; Your Food Processing Facility is situated away from the city and you have hired the vendors for the supply of fresh fruits and vegetables for further processing with the utmost care in mind to avoid cross-contamination. Please note; the contract Clause # 3 of the agreement between the Supplier and the Buyer states that; the seller agrees to supply One Metric Ton Fresh Potatoes to the buyer in compliance with the quality requirements set by the buyer indicated in the Annex of this agreement. The delivery of the products shall take place on a constant weekly basis, precisely every Friday of the week at the Processing facility.  

Your Inward Consignment Handler at the time of receipt of Table Potatoes found the presence of 8-10 percent of sprouted potatoes and reported to you. It reflected that nutrients were leaving the potatoes and deteriorating the quality. On receipt of this intimation, you could determine immediately that you’re In-ward Section staff is performing their duty with great care by fulfillment of their responsibilities; Please provide your response as a Supervisor in the light of the following linked questions;

Do you have a written list of approved suppliers?

Do you agree with your Food Handler about his observations? And 

What actions you would consider to ensure that the Supplier must comply with his contractual obligations for the supply of fresh vegetables?