Module Assessment # 6

Training Topic Hygiene, Sanitation at workplace
Total Marks 10
Pass Marks 05
  1. Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance the understanding of the participants regarding;

Importance of Workplace and workers hygiene and sanitation which does not cost much, but has a substantial impact on the performance of food safety and best practice of sustainable business. 

A comprehensive housekeeping and Sanitation is imperative for the food business environment and the health and safety of the employees and the consumers.

Being a Manager, you have been assigned to implement food safety management systems in your food processing facility. Inspection, housekeeping, and sanitation is an essential program to be implemented as part of the activity.  

Please provide your reply in response to the following linked questions;

 –  Do you realize the importance of Inspection of the facility, Housekeeping, and Sanitation best practices? 

–  Please circle your business type?  

1) Dairy Processing, 2) Food Processing, Meat and meat products processing, 3) Catering and readymade food supply? 4) Seed Processing 5) Fisheries 6) Flour milling, 7) Pharmaceutical 8) Beverages 9) Chili and spices, Other Food business not mentioned here ______________________________________ 

Please develop a weekly inspection, housekeeping and Sanitation plan, for your facility, keeping in view what you have learnt during your training session. Please also specify?

What to inspect? 

How to inspect?   And 

When to Inspect? 

Write your answer in a document and upload down below.