Nutrition – Assignment #1

Training Topic Basic Understanding of Nutrition
Total Marks  10
Pass Marks  05
  1. Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance the understanding of the participants regarding;

Basic understanding of Nutrition and importance of nutrition in the human diet and its essential sources in the dietary food cycle about age, nutrition requirement in the various stages’ and how to further upscale the nutrition. 

Every country in the world has different dietary habits, from man to man, land to land, and age to age. However, two major dietary groups remained the source of nutrition for humans. Please answer the following questions;

What is the major source of Vitamins and Minerals? 

a) Major Fruits of Pakistan?

b) Major Cereal Grains used as Staple?

c) Selected animal sources of foods providing nutrition? 

Write down your answer in a document and upload down below