Nutrition – Assignment #2

Training Topic Malnutrition
Total Marks 10
Pass Marks 05
  1. Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance the understanding of the participants regarding;

Malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, causes of malnutrition and general causes of malnutrition and sustainable development goals, and identifying nutrition business.

After knowing about the various causes and impacts of malnutrition in the world in general and Pakistan in particular, what are the main causes of malnutrition in Pakistan and how your industry can complement the efforts of the government and private sector organizations combating malnutrition? 

Please specify how your business can be helpful to fulfill the nutrition requirements within your processing line;

Major Sectors Related IndustriesContribution towards combating Nutrition
Grain Based Products Flour Milling, Grain processing
Edible OilsEdible Oil Processing 
Pharmaceutical Medicines, Micro nutrients 
Meat Industry(Fish, Poultry) Meat Processing, Marketing 
Horticulture Fruits & Veg processing 
Dairy Milk and Milk Products 
Others, please specify?

Copy the table in a document and upload the filled table down below