Nutrition – Assignment #7

Training Topic Food Processing and Preservation?
Total Marks 10
Pass Marks  05
  1. Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance the understanding of the participants regarding;

Post-harvest systems, the food pipeline, food contamination, and spoilage at different stages, and Why food fortification is important?

Food safety and maintaining quality and nutrition is a national responsibility of all who work in the food business. The Small and Medium Enterprises, in the food chain, regardless of their business, size, and strength, are responsible to maintain food safety and nutritional quality at all levels; Based on your involvement in the food industry, how you could perform your role at the following stages; Please pick up 1-2 relevant businesses, you are involved and what improvement you suggest for manufacturing better food quality, and nutrition.

How to control Food Contamination and improve food safety and nutrition? 

Please tick any relevant box to specify your role as an owner, manager, supervisor, food handler, or transporter in-charge. How could you bring improvement in your existing or future business by adopting internationally recognized best practices? Please specify your role and industry if you fall in the other category of business?

  Blending Cooking Catering Service industry Others 

  Pest Control Harvesting Handling Transportation Preservation 

  Storage Cool Chain Shipping Standardization Milling 

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