Nutrition – Assignment #6

Training Topic Nutritional Status Assessment 
Total Marks 10
Pass Marks 05
  1. Purpose

The purpose of this assignment is to enhance the understanding of the participants regarding;

Nutritional Status, Body Mass Index (BMI), maintaining healthy blood cholesterol level for healthy life;

Every nation in the world is facing challenges in maintaining good health. This is very much possible that one can reverse the dangerous effects of the health by eliminating food which are not providing any dietary value except to satisfy the taste for a shorter period. 

What is the Good and Bad Cholesterol within the ages given below? Please fill in the blank?

Demographic Total Cholesterol?LDL?HDL?
Age 19 or Younger 
Men Age 20 or Older 
Women age 20 or older?

Copy and paste the table given above to a document and upload the filled table down below